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Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists

It is highly suggested that you work with a makeup artist or hair stylist to ensure the best images possible, unless you are skilled in this area. I've worked with several talented artists and one can be recommended to you. Here are a few:

Shelby McElroy, Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist
email: Shelbydeemcelroy@yahoo.com
phone: 619.929.6252
San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles

Tonya Brewer, Makeup Artist
web: vintagevampinc.com
email: tonyabrewer@vintagevampinc.com
San Diego

Marisol Garcia , Makeup Artist
email: soluvley@gmail.com
San Diego

Julie Cirincione, Makeup Artist
email: lipjulez@yahoo.com
Orange County

Cynthia Marie Blais, Makeup Artist
email: sdnovagirl@gmail.com
phone: 703.338.9401
San Diego, Orange County

Jazmin Strobelt, Makeup Artist
web: jazmincosmo.com
email: jaz_strobelt@yahoo.com
San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles

Daniel Ferriera, Stylist
Integrite Salon
269 W Washington Street
San Diego, CA 92103
phone: 619.727.0604
San Diego